Lifetime Entry Door

Canadian Windows has always designed and produced the most innovative vinyl windows in the industry; and now we have added the most unique entry door system the world has ever seen. Introducing the Lifetime Entry Door Collection. By combining our fully automated windowmanufacturing capabilities with the latest door technology,Canadian Windows has the solutions to all your window and door needs. Our Lifetime Entry Door Collection incorporates superior structural integrity along with quality and unmatched performance with our exclusive all uPVC and aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system that offers full customization from size to hardware, color and an extensive glass selection, unmatched in the industry today. The frames are welded on all four corners which guarantee an airtight seal and a perfectly square doorframe every time. The structural reinforcement is strategically positioned to strengthen key areas of the frame that support the adjustable hinges and the standard multipoint hardware. The system is available with our cap-stock exterior colures and all the interior and exterior trim accessories match perfectly with our window products. The lifetime Entry Door Collection offers a fully customized entry systemaccommodating several door options including Vinyl, Fiberglass and Wood door panels. Side-lites, transoms and multiple door configurations will no longer require extra production times; our system will handle any custom
requests on time, every time.

Citadel Entry Door

The Citadel Entry Door Series combines our reinforced uPVC frame system with fiberglass door panels that range from smooth to multiple wood grain textures and finishes. 
The Citadel Series is the ultimatemaintenance free entry door system. No wood components to worry about, moisture, insects and rotting are things of the past with this system.Multiple colour and stain options allow for unique custom finishes that will satisfy every homeowners dreams. With several hardware, finish and designer glass options available you can create the elegant entry you have always wanted without sacrificing quality, energy performance or the beauty of your home.

Castle Gate Entry Door

The Castle Gate Entry Door Series incorporates our fully customized door frame system with the elegance and beauty of wood door panels. Canadian Windows has elevated the customwood entry door market to the next level by combining our automated technology of frame production with a customized wood panel fabrication center. The result is a wood entry door system like no other. We’ve made creating a unique, signature door a smooth, simple process. It all begins with a few key selections you determine are best for your needs. Then, using the design, species, and dimensions that you specify, Canadian Windows can create your masterpiece. Whether we construct your door with Mahogany or Oak, we will incorporate both technology and beauty into your individual design. The Castle Gate Series offers an integrated multi-point hardware package that is available inmultiple finishes as well as thematching hinges and thresholds.